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Motion leap MOD APK

Motion leap MOD APK

Motion leap MOD APK  introduce you to a very interesting application to create beautiful photos. In the era of booming social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram… everyone wants to have beautiful photos to make avatars. A profile photo is always the easiest way to best express your personality. So, do you want to have beautiful head shots with lots of beautiful effects? I bet no one said no!

Like other photo editing apps like Gif Maker, Cinemagraph, etc., Motion leap MOD APK  is designed to bring your photos to life. By creating stunning animations or short films, you can see photos like never before and amaze your friends or followers.

Motion leap MOD APK
Motion leap MOD APK

 Motion leap MOD APK easy to use

As a free application, Motion leap PRO APK allows you to easily edit your photos with simple and precise tools. With just a few clicks, users can choose from a variety of beautiful effects to bring their photos to life like never before. For the app effects to work, you must first add the image to the editor. Then you need to mark some points where you need to insert more effects. After that, you are free to create professional photos with various effects such as stars, flowers or fun animations…


Name Motionleap
Package Name
Publisher Lightricks Ltd.
Category Photos & Videos
Version 1.3.9
Size 128M
Request Android 7.1

Not just photos, you can also make equally vivid short films. When you’re done, you can save it and share it with your friends on Instagram. It is an effective way not only to help you express yourself, but also for communication, commercial or advertising purposes.

Turn still images into animations

One of the most important and popular features among users is creating animated images quickly and easily. Bring tedious photos to life with just a few clicks. Combined with the images of flying butterflies, streams and sunsets, you will be amazed by this unprecedented novelty.

Now your “so deep” or cool photos will be taken to the next level with Motion leap For example, your mood photo will now be “sad” with a dark sunset effect. Or show photos of yourself like surfing, mountaineering, etc., the scene of floating clouds or waves becomes more realistic. This will help you stand out on social media and get more interactions every day.

More effects of Motion leap MOD APK

In Motion leap MOD APK, animations are the most common. Apart from creating animated backgrounds like sky and landscape, you can add cute and funny animations entirely. For example, fun overlays with emoticons that express human emotions, or weather effects like rain, snow or sunlight…

Also, besides the animation effect, the romantic and special background will make your photos more eye-catching and lively than the ordinary photos of the past. Sometimes only a clear blue sky and more clouds can light up a cloudy photo. It can be said that with Motion leap you can unleash your creativity and express your personality. There are many options to choose from, such as:

  • Anchor: Create Anchor
  • Geometry: Create 3D Motion
  • Camera FX: Create effects for background images
  • Animation: making movies
  • Loop: Change motion loop
  • Sky: Add sky effects such as sunrise and sunset.
  • Overlays: Add many effects like bubbles, rain, emotes,…
  • Motion leap (Pro) MOD Version APK
  • MOD Features

  • Unlock Pro Features
  • remove advertising

    Download Motion leap Pro APK (MOD Unlocked)

    With tons of advanced tools and ease of use, this marvelous application brings you stunning artistic images. Of course, the creator of these works of art is you. Plus, with its simplicity and ease of use, Motion leap MOD APK will help you even more with advertising and media photography. Especially for those who have a passion and pursuit in the graphic design or photography industry, this is an application that you cannot ignore.

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