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Vid mix MOD APK

Vid mix MOD APK

Vid mix MOD APK

Vid mix MOD APK is a video editing app with music with various effects and transitions. You already have the option to refresh your Instagram Stories. Insert music into your video and photo collections, it’s time to make your Instagram less boring!

 Vid mix MOD APK

About Vid mix

Videos can be edited in a variety of ways. But to do that, you usually need specialized software, and most of us still do it on a computer. But not anymore. You already have plenty of apps that help you edit short videos right on your phone. Of course, these modifications cannot be as in-depth and detailed as on a computer. Mainly cropping, adding simple effects to apply new colors to clips.


Name Vid mix
Package Name
Publisher Music Video Studio
Category Photos & Videos
Version 1.8.194
Size 45M
Request Android 5.0

But there are also minorities that will give you more depth and finesse. For example, cut and insert images into clips, use transition effects to make clips smoother, or even insert music to make clips more lively and emotional.

Neat, detailed, unflashy but profound videos from sound to image are not only your social media attraction, but also a way to spread creative inspiration for yourself. their creators themselves.

Looking for a way to create a series of videos or photos with attractive background music but don’t know how, you can try Vid mix.

Insert music, add effects to videos, and 3D transitions for video clips
In Vid mix, there is a library of themed effects to edit videos, love, lyrics, emoji, cartoons… along with a collection of smooth 3D transition effects. All of this will support the dedicated music insertion feature that Vid mix provides for your videos and photo collections.

The world not only has images, but also rhythms. If these two things are put together, what’s the difference? With Vid mix, first and foremost effects and effects, you can do what was previously almost impossible on mobile devices: insert music into a video. It can be a little song you like, it can be your own voice, the sound of the wind, the waves of the sea, the rustling of leaves in the garden… Add those stamps to the clip and you blow. In your in the clip.

The music in the Vid mix music store is free and copyrighted, so you don’t have to worry about posting it on social media sites anymore. Belongs to many genres, but all have a modern, stylish and dynamic style. Can be adapted to any type of clip, your mood and mood in this clip.

Vid mix video effects are designed for short videos, bringing them to life and cool in record time with the shortest number of operations. Vid mix music store choose trendy style. Inserting music into a video is also simple enough that anyone can use it.

With both powerful features, with just one app, you can edit videos and insert music naturally to create satisfying videos.

Customize it however you want
In addition to music, effects, and 3D transitions, you can intervene more deeply with your videos: cut them into small pieces, insert images into the video. With these tunes, your video will look very different from the original.

In addition to the main features mentioned above, Vid mix also provides you with many cool little things to add and beautify your videos: stylish stickers, add text to videos… these are all little things, but if you are often in Post videos on social networking sites and you’ll know how visual they are.

After you finish editing your videos and adding music, you can export them in 720P/1080P HD high quality, save them to your phone or send them without any loss of image quality. Or you can share directly on major social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram…

MOD APK Version of Vid mix

  • Mod features
  • VIP unlock

Download Vid mix Game APK & MOD for Android

Create your own music videos, choose a melody for every moment, and turn short clips into personal delights. Spreading joy to those around you isn’t just about impressing, it’s about sharing the joy. Are you ready for this fun?

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